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For the most of you any introduction is pointless: Locus magazine is the most important information source about the science fiction world for almost fifty years. For those of you who never heard of Locus, a few words are in order:

First published in 1968, Locus means more than news: it means interviews with famous or up-and-coming writers, reviews, event coverage, and so on and so forth. It is not surprising thus that Locus won countless prizes for best science fiction magazine.

You may wonder what the news is.

Well the news is that Locus published the results of the poll to determine: the best science fiction and fantasy novel, novelette and short story. Some of the books you will later on meet in my reviews, and some not (they are already translated and published in Romanian).

However, this is the result list for novels:

S.F. novel of the XX century

Fantasy novel of the XX century

S.F. novel of the XXI century

Fantasy novel of the XXI century

For those of you who wants to read more on the subject, please visit


On 8th of January Tor launches A Memory of Light by Brandon Sanderson, the novel that concludes The Wheel of Time series started by the last Robert Jordan.

Those of you that want to order the book can do it at:


All the Science Fiction fans over the world will remember this week as a sad one; as you might have already learned, Boris Strugatski passed away on 19th of November.

Born on 28th August 1925, he published 29 novels (most of them together with his elder brother Arkadi Strugatski) and 10 short stories collections.

His best known novel is Пикник на обочине translated Roadside Picnic, published in 1972. This novel led to the famous movie Stalker (1979) directed by Andrey Tarkovsky.

For the joy you bring to all of us, may God rest you in His peace, Boris Strugatski!

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