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Richard Albert Kadrey was born August 27, 1957 in Brooklyn NY. He spent ten years there, and the next ten years in Houston TX. He briefly attended college before working a wide variety of jobs, including running a jewelry store, and working in numerous warehouses and department stores, driving forklifts and “moving stuff around.” He’s also been a rock musician and magazine editor, and hosted live interview show Covert Culture online in the ’90s. In addition to writing fiction, he is also a prolific photographer and freelance non-fiction writer.

Kadrey’s first SF story was “The Fire Catcher” in Interzone (1985). Other notable short stories include Interzone Readers’ Poll winner “Goodbye Houston Street, Goodbye” (1987) and British SF Award finalist “The First Man Not to Land on the Moon” (1997). His 1998 story “Carbon Copy” was adapted as film No Ordinary Baby (AKA After Amy, 2001). He wrote graphic novel Accelerate (2007).

Cyberpunk novel Metrophage: A Romance of the Future came out in 1988, followed by SF novel Kamikaze L’Amour (1995). Novel Blind Shrike (2005) appeared in online magazine Infinite Matrix, and was substantially revised for publication as Butcher Bird (2005). Kadrey returned to some of the same themes for Sandman Slim (2009), about a man who escapes from Hell to take revenge on those who betrayed him. The character’s story continues in sequels Kill the Dead (2010), Aloha from Hell (2011), and Devil Said Bang (2012), with more volumes forthcoming; a feature film is also being developed.

A prolific freelance writer, his articles appear regularly in various publications, including Science Fiction Eye, Whole Earth Review, Salon, the San Francisco Chronicle, and many others. He was an editor for magazines Shift, Future Sex, Signum, and Stim, and his non-fiction works include The Covert Culture Sourcebook (1993), The Covert Culture Sourcebook 2.0 (1994), and The Catalog of Tomorrow (2002). Kadrey is also an occasional artist, with published work including the cover for Interzone #9 (1984) and artwork for poet Lee Ballatnine’s chapbook Dream Protocols (1992). He illustrated his own story “Angel Scene” (2003), published dos-à-dos with “Teeth and Tongue Landscape” by Carlton Mellick III. Kadrey is an active photographer, specializing in glam and fetish photography.

Kadrey lives in San Francisco CA.

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