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Reviews of science fiction, fantasy and horror literature

Eric Flint is a science fiction author born in 1947 in California. Most of his work are alternative history, a thing easy to understand since he studied for a PhD in history, specialized in South Africa. He abandoned his studies for political reasons, and became a well-known labor union organizer.

Even though he published his first novel late (he was of the age of 50 in 1997 when the first novel appeared), in the 15 years that followed he wrote 35 novels (most of them together with other writers), 7 short stories, and he also edited the works of other writers who published at Baen Books (30 novels between 1999 and 2012), becoming one of the most prolific writers of the moment.

Now-a-days he lives in East Chicago, Indiana, with his wife Lucille, also a left activist and labor union organizer.


  • Belisarius series:
    • An Oblique Approach (1998),
    • In the Heart of Darkness (1998),
    • Destiny's Shield (1999),
    • Fortune's Stroke (2000),
    • The Tide of Victory (2001),
    • The Dance of Time (2006).
  • Asandti Shards series:
  • Heirs of Alexandria series, with Dave Freer and Mercedes Lackey:
    • The Shadow of the Lion, (Martie 2002),
    • A Mankind Witch, (Iulie 2005),
    • This Rough Magic, (Decembrie 2003),
    • Much Fall of Blood, (2010).
  • Joe’s World series:
    • The Philosophical Strangler (2001),
    • Forward the Mage (2002) with Richard Roach,
  • Rats, Bats and Vats series, with Dave Freer:
    • Rats, Bats and Vats (2000),
    • The Rats, the Bats and the Ugly (Septembrie 2004).
  • Honor Harrington series, with David Weber:
    • Changer of Worlds (2001, antologie),
    • Crown of Slaves (2003),
    • Torch of Freedom (2009).
  • Empire series, with K. D. Wentworth:
    • The Course of Empire (2003),
    • The Crucible of Empire (2010).
  • Pyramid series, with Dave Freer:
    • Pyramid Scheme (2001) ,
    • Pyramid Power (2007).
  • The Wizzard of Karres (2004) with Dave Freer and Mercedes Lackey, sequel al romanului Witches of Karres de James H. Schmitz
  • Boundary series, with Ryk E. Spoor:
    • Boundary (Martie 2006),
    • Threshold (Iunie 2010).
  • When Diplomacy Fails (Noiembrie 2008), with Mike Resnick; antologie.
  • Mother of Demons (1997),
  • Trail of Glory series:
    • 1812: The Rivers of War
    • 1824: The Arkansas War
Short stories:
  • In the Honor Harrington universe:
    • From the Highlands (2001),
    • Fanatic (2003).
  • Other stories:
    • The Islands (2002),
    • Entropy and the Strangler (1993),
    • The Thief and the Roller Derby Queen (2000),
    • The Truth about Gotterdammerung (2004),
    • Carthago Delendam Est (2001).
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